Sant Khalsa
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Death of the Heart


These photographs were produced during a collaboration with the preeminent poet, B.H. Fairchild. Our project began with a series of conversations about our artistic and socio-political concerns and the early influence Walker Evans' photographs and James Agee’s writings had on both of our creative lives.

The result of our collaboration and individual efforts is a body of photographs and poems that depict, interpret, and give aesthetic presence to the slow death of rural small towns throughout the contemporary Midwest. My images speak of memories deeply planted in these places, provide critical and creative insight, and capture this astonishing historical event, to reveal and preserve it as only art can.

These images were made while I journeyed in West Kansas, traveling 1170 miles and to several dozen declining farm towns. I photographed the sparse, yet historically and visually rich remains of these towns and the surrounding landscapes. The photographs represent my experience of these (extra)ordinary places and record the evidence of change, loss, and absence.
            Sant Khalsa